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Dance to the hottest music under the glow of the Neon Lights, every Friday from 9pm to 11pm!
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  1. Burden WILL be enforced to avoid stalling and keep the game going at a steady pace. Burden will work as follows: whichever team has the majority of balls must get rid of that majority within 10 seconds of when Burden was called or that team will forfeit all balls in their possession. The ref will start a timer once Burden has been called and will announce  the time remaining as it runs down
  2. All calls made by the referee will be final. If for any reason you have an issue with a call made by the referee, you may voice your issue to the referee in a calm and collected manner outside of the arena. 
  3. You will be considered out if:
  • You are hit with a ball anywhere on your body. Head shots are not encouraged but will be considered an out. This also includes any clothing or hats worn while playing.
  • You are blocking a ball with your own ball and the incoming ball knocks yours out of your hand(s).
  • If a live ball is caught before being declared dead, the player who threw the ball will be considered out.
  • Crossing over onto the other team's side of the arena.
  • Using any sort of vulgar language or anything that can be deemed unsportsmanlike can lead to you being removed from the current game or the arena or tournament entirely.
  1. When you are declared as out, you will either raise your hands as you proceed to the sidelines to signal to the other players in the game that are currently out. You will be allowed to return to the game as the referee calls you back in 
  2. A Ball will be declared “dead” when it touches any part of the arena.
  3. Below are the rules on catching and when it will be ruled a catch
  • If a live ball hits a player’s ball and is then caught before being declared dead, the thrower is out and the next person in line on the catcher’s team will be allowed to return to the game.
  • If a live ball hits a player and is then caught before being declared dead, the thrower is out, the player who got hit is safe, and the next person in line on the catcher’s team will be allowed to return to the game.
  • Catching a ball using a piece of clothing such as a shirt will not be allowed. You will be ruled out even if you catch the ball this way
  1. The only person who has the authority to allow players to return to the game is the referee.
  2. When returning to the game, you will have 5 seconds before being able to be hit. If you pick up a ball, you will be able to be hit immediately after.
  3. While you are out, you cannot interact with the game in any sort of capacity. 


  • Games will be played on 4-50’x30’ arenas. 3 courts are on concrete floor and the last is on a blow-up sports court, that is where Top 8 will be played (although we are a trampoline park, games will be held on floor) in a 5v5 format where each team will start with 2 balls and the last ball is placed in the middle of the court for both teams to grab once the game starts. Burden will be enforced.
  • Teams will be divided into 4 groups (1 group to each arena) and will play a Best of 3 Round Robin within their group and only the top 2 placers from each group will move on to join our Top 8 where we’ll run a single elimination Best of 5 bracket until we crown our winners.We will be tracking Match wins and losses as well as the record within each match to determine who moves on. This means losing 2-1 rather than 2-0 might just make the difference getting you into bracket play and being eliminated. In the event of a tie within a group, a 1 game Winner-Take-All tie breaker match will determine who moves onto bracket
  • The rest of our park will be open to you as the tournament runs so feel free to take a look around in between games but pay attention to when your next game is. If your team is not at the court ready to play within 5-10 minutes from when the last match ended, you will put your entire team at risk of disqualification. This is to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved
  • Although nets will be up, we ask that you and your team assist in shagging balls for the teams playing in case a ball goes out of bounds and is unretrievable by the teams currently in play.



955 N. Main Street

Spanish Fork, Utah 84660